Canceling dirty coal plants buoyed by low natural gas prices

Whether through regulations enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or efforts by  activists including the Sierra Club, working to cancel old or yet-to-be-built coal-fired power plants is proving to be a leading way of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. With climate legislation dead in Congress and the international COP 16 climate talks underway in Cancun, Mexico […]

NRG’s bid for an electric vehicle charging ecosystem – in Houston

Green visionaries and policy makers can have a chicken-or-the-egg-type debate for 30 more years about how best to develop a practical electric vehicle (EV) industry and infrastructure (vehicles or the charging stations?) Or company can stick its neck out and launch a privately-funded EV ecosystem. Well that’s precisely what NRG is doing, in Houston of all places. Under the […]

China’s coal imports – up, up and away

Head’s up about this excellent coverage by The New York Times’ Elizabeth Rosenthal and follow-up earlier today about ever-increasing coal purchases by China and coal’s rising price on the global market. It is impossible to ignore the significance of what’s going on here. While China is lauded for boosting renewables, its insatiable appetite for ALL forms of […]

Chevron’s “We Agree” – what’s the point, really?

Does it make sense for a major oil company to try casting itself far beyond its core business, especially if the subject of an ad campaign represents a miniscule % of gross revenues and earnings? After BP tried to go “Beyond Petroleum,”  Chevron is increasing the stakes of its expensive “We Agree” bid to paint […]

A tribute to Rachel Carson and her book, “Silent Spring”

Perhaps because  Rachel Carson (photo) wrote the epic book (photo) that launched the modern-day environmental and renewable energy movement — “Silent Spring” — and lived in Silver Spring, MD, USA — the home town of TheEnergyFix founder Jim Pierobon – I urge you to read her book and watch at least Chapter 4 of the 17 “American Experience […]

Race heats up to build U.S. East Coast offshore wind farms

With Maryland’s announcement this week of the progress it’s making to attract 1 GIGAwatt’s worth of wind energy capacity ( or 1,000 megawatts, equal to about 300 turbines) offshore at Ocean City, the Free State joins Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts in the race to become a hub of wind energy deployment and manfucturing on the U.S. […]

Natural gas prices are low now, but renewables make more sense long-term

EDITORIAL Perhaps its the state of the Fourth Estate (aka the media) that no longer can take the time to provide sufficient context in their coverage of clean energy developments; so I will attempt to do so here. First up: The New York Times reported Sunday on the relatively high up-front cost of solar, wind […]

Prop 23′s resounding defeat in California is a credible omen for clean energy

In what was THE most important issue or candidate on any ballot anywhere in the U.S. this Election Day affecting America’s energy future, the failure of Proposition 23 in California and how it went down is proof energy consumers see the value of energy efficiency and cleaner energy sources — even if it means they’ll […]