Prospects for solar incentives from the 2011 Texas Legislature

With wind energy already a huge success in the Long Star state and inexpensive natural gas offering a low-cost option for additional utility-scale power generation, the prospects for first-ever incentives throughout most of Texas are murky. The Texas Legislature, which meets only in the odd years, came very close with three bills in 2009 but […]

What passage of California Proposition 23 could mean

Perhaps THE outcome with the most impact on Election Day Nov. 2 for renewable energy advocates and critics alike will be whether California voters elect to pull back on their Global Warming Act of 2006, aka AB 32.  Proposition 23 would suspend the law just as California is about to make measurable progress reducing its […]

Enviros in retreat – George Will chimes in

George Will joins the chorus line dissing enviros for missing the opportunity to score climate / energy legislature during Obama’s two years with strong Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. Like it or not, some of what he says is true. I don’t concur, as her asserts in this Sunday’s Washington Post op-ed […]